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With the clear purpose of being a knowledge multiplier, LR-CULTURAL Eventos & Marketing promotes the “INTERNATIONAL DANCE MEETING”.

The event, which will take place entirely online, has a renowned faculty, with professors whose names are unquestionable competence and expressive participation in the world dance scene, thus enabling to broaden horizons and consolidate knowledge, offering "Awards and Scholarships for International Studies and National Studies ". And also a Dance Festival for dancers of all levels, ages and modalities.

• Renowned Faculty

• Totally Online

• International and National Awards and Scholardships

• Dance Festival


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Ana Carolina Reis, a dancer born in São José dos Campos - State of São Paulo - Brazil, having started her ballet studies with Eleonora Oliosi, (Primabalerina Teatro Municpal in Rio de Janeiro), became  the first Brazilian dancer  to  graduate  from the Ballet Bolshoi Academy in Moscow.

With extensive stage experience, she performed in several theaters in Brazil, Germany, Spain, Russia, Japan, among other countries. Today she acts as a ballet teacher, dance rehearser, ballet coach and choreographer. With this work she attends several ballet schools in Germany.Teaches Masterclass, acts as a guest dancer and also directs several workshops, dance festivals and art in children's dance projects.

She performed for 14 years as a dancer at the Aalto Ballett Theater

Essen, where she worked with great masters and choreographers.

Some of her presentations were in:

"Swan Lake" and "Solitaire" by Stephan Toss,    “The Brother Karamasov” by Boris Eifman,   Max undMotriz: by Michael Kropf,  “Lá Sylphide” by Peter Schaufuss (A.Bournounville), "Giselle" by David Dawson ,  Leone and Lena from Christian Spuck

And some Solo e Demi Solos in:

“Coppelia" ballet with Roland Petit, in "Cherche, Trouve, Perdu" and in "Endloss" ballet by Patrick Delcroix, “Marie" in "The Nutcracker" guest performance in Japan, in "Dornroschen" by Stefan Lux, soloist in "Archipel - Ballet Evening with works by Jury Kylian" in "Petit Mort", "Wings of Wax" and "Six Dances"

She also acted as a guest dancer at the Ballett Theater Bremerhaven, at the Ballett Theater Kiel and also in Brazil, at several Theaters in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, São José dos Campos, where she also attends dance schools.

She is a ballet master and artistic director of the Pas de Quatre Arts Center in São José dos Campos and of the project "VALEDANÇA-Encontro Internacional de Dança".  Today she has 25 years of international artistic career, with outstanding professional performance in the field of dance. And now she has become an ambassador of IDM – International Dance Meeting.




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Graduated from the Cuban School of Ballet in 1999, at the age of 22 he became the first soloist of the Ballet de Camaguey, where he played several roles in the Classical Repertoire Ballet.

He participated as a Guest Dancer in several National and International Festivals.

He participated and was the creator of several competitions, national and international festivals such as RecDança Nordeste, ValeDança-SP, Fidpoa-Porto Alegre and International Dance Seminar - Brasília.

He is currently a professor and director of the Ballet Gonzalez-Recife / Brazil. He acts as a judge at festivals where he provides scholarships for students in training for his school and for others around the world. He also works as a reassembler of repertoire ballets and coaches of dancers interested in becoming professional.

And now he has become ambassador and creator of IDM - International Dance Meeting





Mariya Mizinskaya - the founder of the ballet studio "Mariya Mizinskaya Ballet" in Graz-Austria, a certified ballet dancer according to the method of A. Vaganova, with more than 20 years of experience in ballet dance, with experience stage in the international, for example: Hungary, Germany, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tokyo, Seoul, Munich, Varna, etc.
Completed a refresher course at the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet "Methods of teaching classical dance".
Mariya Mizinskaya -
laureated of the prize of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayeva, winner of international ballet competitions was awarded the prize "KARDIREX-GYŐRI BALETT MŰVÉSZETI DÍJ". Mariya has become an ambassador for IDM - International Dance Meeting




Graduated from the Perm Ballet School in 1996, in 1997 completed an internship at the Mariinsky Theater (Kirov Ballet). In the same year he received an offer to the Aalto Ballet Theater in Essen, Germany, 2002 soloist in the Aalto Ballet Theater. Danced in many solo parts: "Sleeping Beauty"; ,, Nutcracker "; ,, Carmen"; ,, Romeo and Juliet "(Jean Christophe Maillot- Ballett Monte Carlo) ,,My Itaka “(Birgit Scherzer); ,, The Green Table (Kurt Jooss) ,,Swan Lake" modern version by Stephan Toss ,,The Brother Karamasov” / “Requiemm” (Boris Eifman); ,,The Red Shoes,, (Jochen Ulrich); ,, Carminha Burana ”(Ralf Dorner); ,,KINDER" (Christian Spuck) .. etc. He also took part in many Gala Concerts: Japan, Korea, China, Morroco, Spain, Austria, Amsterdam, France, Luxenburg, Italy and so on. 1994 competition "Maya Plisetskaya" Petersburg 1996 competition in Paris 1995 competition in Shanghai / China 1996 competition in Varna (Bulgaria Diploma

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Russian ballet artist with international stage experience-Moscow, Sank-Petersburg, New-York, London, Vienna, Berlin, Madrid, Tel Aviv etc. Ballet soloist in the ballet company in Győr (Hungary), where he also works as a teacher!
Artem Pozdeev graduated from Perm Choreographic College and worked at Opera and Ballet Theater in Perm, Russia!
Winner of the dance competition in Bishkek "Young Talents", winner of the awards "KARDIREX-GYŐRI BALETT MVÉSZETI DÍJ", "Audi" in Hungary.

Artem Pozdeev

Ballet Class / Modern Dance

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Classical dance teacher at the Moscow State Academy of Choreography at the Bolshoi Theater. Work experience 14 years.

Extensive experience of working abroad.
Annual master classes and intensives for students and teachers in the USA, New York and Connecticut.
Educational Online master classes on teaching methods of classical dance for teachers from Japan.
She taught at the Seoul Academy of the National Theater (South Korea).

Evgeniya Kazeeva.

Classical dance







13 / November  /2021 
Competition performances - First day
14/ November / 2021 
Competition performances - Second day
20 / November / 2021 
Gala performance - Single presentation

IDM21 Festival Online Version 

     The IDM21 Festival Online Version is a unique project that unites dancers from all over the world and provides an opportunity to share their dance, show their talent without competition, because each dancer is unique in its own way! This event is not intended to be a competition, but to provide an opportunity to open your soul in dance. 

In this event there will be certificates of participation, as well as a revelation and prize for the top 10 of the festival. 

The judges will allow an evaluation coaching time after each participant performs live. The coaching time will be determined with the same duration of the choreography. 

The gala will feature guests from the best of the festival. And also with special guests. 

We will deliver online "trophies" with bonus prizes such as workshops, coaches and Masterclass with our ambassadors and teachers. 

International Dance Meeting Festival 

Open your soul in dance!


                    General conditions for participation and by modality. 


●All presentations will be online, in an event via zoom. 

● The examining board will be composed of IDM21 ambassadors and professors 

● Participants will receive all communication and information by registered email, including the date and time of their presentation. 

●The environment where the participant will perform must not have mirrors; 


  •  Participants must follow the time set for choreographies: 


*** Type of dance 

  • Solo male - up to 3 minutes. 

  • Female solo - up to 3 minutes. 

  • Duet male - up to 3 minutes. 

  • Duet female - up to 3 minutes. 

  • Pas de deux - up to 3 minutes. 

  • Repertoire Pas de Deux - duration of the work. 

  • Trio - up to 3 minutes. 

  • Small group (until 10 dancers) - up to 5 minutes 

  ***Style of dance 

  • Ballroom dance 

  • Ballet Classic

  • Ballet Repertoire 

  • Contemporary / Modern 

  • free style 

  • Jazz 

  • Folklore dance


*** Categories 

  Baby (4-6 years old) 

  • Junior (7-12 years old) 

  • Teen (13 - 15 years old) 

  • Senior amateur (16+) 

  • Senior advanced (16+) 

  • Master amateur (35+) 

  • Master advanced (35+) 

  •  If you prefer, you can participate with a video. 

This video must be shot in frontal view. It must be recent. 
The video must be sent via a link on youtube at the time of registration. Together with all necessary documentation.

●Participants with the modality "Ballet Classic" are exempt from the obligation to present themselves with high-end shoes. This should only be done if the conditions of the venue of the presentation are with adequate flooring for use of tips. Participants with choreography in pointe shoes will only be allowed from 11 years of age onwards. 

  • For minors under 16 years old, it is necessary to send documents with rights and authorizations signed by those responsible.


We will receive applications until 

10/November /2021.

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